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Entrenamiento Customizado


Entrenamiento Customizado

Diaz Trade Consulting ofrece programas de capacitación personalizada para importadores y exportadores, organizaciones y agencias gubernamentales. Jennifer Diaz es ponente activa que ofrece seminarios personalizados, ya sea en la web o en persona, sobre todos los aspectos relacionados con el cumplimiento de las normas de importación y exportación. Diaz Trade Consulting se especializa en seminaries centrados en los temas de importación y exportación que más importan a su negocio internacional. Algunos de los temas más populares cubiertos por nuestros programas de entrenamiento y capacitación son:

  • Cómo importar su alimento, droga, cosmético, dispositivo médico y suplemento dietético en conformidad con la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos de los Estados Unidos y la Aduana y Protección Fronteriza de los Estados Unidos

  • FSMA 101 - ¿Qué es la FSMA y qué debería hacer mi empresa para prepararla y cumplirla?

  • FDA 101 - Cumplimiento de la FDA para alimentos, cosméticos, suplementos dietéticos, dispositivos médicos.

  • Pre-Cumplimiento - Lo que NECESITA saber para estar en conformidad y sin penalización

  • Importación 101 - Clasificación arancelaria, la valoración, el marcado del país de origen, programas de preferencias arancelarias ( tratados de libre comercio, el Sistema de Preferencias Generalizadas, capítulo 98), la protección del derecho de propiedad intelectual(incluyendo el registro de marcas con CBP ) , C-TPAT y 10 + 2

  • Acciones Ejecutorias de la FDA - Cubriendo avisos de acción, cartas de advertencia, alertas de importación, inspecciones y más

  • Acciones Ejecutorias de CBP - Cubriendo Formulario CBP 28, Formulario CBP 29, divulgaciones previas, detenciones, incautaciones, sanciones y daños liquidados.

  • Exportación 101 - Temas cubiertos incluyen clasificación, licencias, ITAR, CCL, divulgaciones voluntarias, programas de cumplimiento de exportaciones, focos rojos y revision de clientes.

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  • "The best webinar I've ever attended. Interactive is the way to go. I look forward to being a part of any and all of your upcoming webinars. Please keep me posted as to any upcoming you are hosting. Great job."
  • "Your presentation was spectacular and you communicate very effectively (coming from another communicator :)"
  • "We all truly enjoyed your presentations. You are excellent at putting across even the most complex material and making it interesting."
  • "I'm emailing you to truly thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come present valid information to the classroom. What you have taught me was really informative and helpful for the possible business ideas I will pursue in the near future!"
  • "During our 2015 International Trade Certificate Program, Jennifer Diaz shared her wealth of knowledge and experience on Legal/IPR Issues and Free Trade Agreements with the attendees. It was so overwhelming that attendees, at the end of both sessions, were flocking around her for more information. The SBDC, Fort Lauderdale is extremely appreciative and very fortunate to have Jennifer Diaz as one of their presenters."
  • "Thank you for keeping the class engaging and interesting."
  • "Great energy and delivery of the material"
  • "I found your presentation very informative namely for the purpose of my clients…"
  • "Jennifer, thanks for helping make our trip successful. I have received many positive comments on your presentation."
    – Dominican Republic Mission with Enterprise Florida
  • "Jennifer, thanks so much for the info. Again, we truly enjoyed your presentation."
  • "As always you were so awesome and got the crowd going!"
  • "Thank you very much for your great talk today on the YIN call. Within a few minutes you made me interested in a practice area that I thought was incredibly boring. Your stories and passion for it put a different light on this."
  • "Very much appreciated your presentation. Well done!"
  • "Thank you for your presentation. You did an excellent job!"
  • "I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the help, patience, and words of wisdom that you shared with me"
  • "Thank you Jen, for a great informative meeting, giving many of us the opportunity to hear about import issues, from different perspectives and share our views."
  • "Loved your presentation. Very impressed with you. You make the NSU alumni proud."
  • "In my previous career I've taken lots of courses with world renowned speakers and you two are absolutely outstanding!!!!!" (Introduction to Importing, March 26, 2016)
  • "This presentation was fantastic, I recommend it as both Elena and Jen share years of knowledge in the import business and help you understand the industry." (Introduction to Importing, March 26, 2016)